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Stupid In Spartanburg April 20, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

only an idiot


FITSNews – April 20, 2007 – There’s a remote chance that a severely retarded orangutan could write a worse press release than Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Rick Beltram, but we seriously doubt it. You’d have to catch that orangutan on a really slow day. Amazingly, Beltram’s latest press release is one of his stronger offerings. For example, in welcoming former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to Sparkle City tonight, Beltram writes:

Gov. Huckabee has had great success of getting a large percentage of the African American when he ran for Governor in Arkansas.

Uhhh … okay. We guess it is pretty impressive when you get a large percentage of an individual human being.

Honestly, reading Beltram’s prose is a lot like listening to Borat talk. We especially like it when he introduces another guest speaker with the promise that he “will encourage local African American to take a close look at the GOP.”

Because apparently Spartanburg – like Arkansas – has only one black resident.



1. Newspaper Hack - April 20, 2007

That pales in comparison to the brilliant election-eve letter from a (GOP) candidate for the General Assembly in ’98 that was titled, ‘To my black friends.” It then went on to accuse Democrats of buying black votes and advising his constituents that they will go to jail if they accept some illegal inducement.

The total feel of desperation coupled with latent racism and paranoia was the perfect end to the race.

2. rick beltram - April 21, 2007

You are so jealous that you are not allowed to live OR work in Spartanburg!

Rick Beltram

P.S. sorry that you missed our 700 person Convention today.

3. fitsnews - April 22, 2007


Don’t think. It can only hurt the ballclub.


4. rick beltram - May 11, 2007


You are correct…….we need to have the ballclub win the world series…..your presence might cause us to choke in the clutch!

Thank you for your candid self-analysis.


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