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Insanity April 17, 2007

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Virginia Tech Massacre


FITSNews – April 17, 2007 – Thirty-three people are dead after at least one gunman went berserk on the campus of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg. Details are sketchy, but initial reports indicate that a domestic dispute between a male Asian student and his girlfriend turned into a double homicide, which then mushroomed into a Columbine-style killing rampage at another location across campus. Not surprisingly, the worst modern massacre in American history has literally consumed the mainstream media, reviving longstanding debates over guns and violence and bringing the 2008 presidential campaign to a standstill.

“The news is just another show with sex and violence,” Perry Farrell once sang, “Nothing’s shocking.”

This one shocked, though, shaking America and its political process down to its very foundations. Starting with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, all of the major presidential candidates announced a suspension of their campaign activities, including Sen. John McCain, who cancelled a town hall meeting which was scheduled for later today in Lexington, S.C. Stay tuned to FITSNews for a more detailed analysis of this tragedy, coming later today …



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