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Katie The Cougar (& The Crusty Queen) April 15, 2007

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Katie Couric


FITSNews – April 15, 2007 – If you’re not familiar with the term “Cougar,” don’t worry – neither were we. Apparently, “Cougar” refers to older women who hook up with younger men, like CBS News anchor Katie Couric. According to the NY Post, she’s dating a guy 17 years younger than she is:

Katie Couric’s dishy new boy toy is a good-looking, physically fit, almost 33-year-old East Sider with a posh pedigree. Brooks Perlin – son of financier Sanford Perlin of Darien, Conn. – has been running around with the perky anchorwoman-turned-cougar for several months, according to a source.

Good for Katie. And more power to her. Age ain’t nothing but a number, people. At least that’s what Sic Willie was preaching as he poached “cougars” all week down at the Heritage golf tournament on Hilton Head Island. Of course seeing as the only part of “good looking, physically fit almost 33-year old East Sider with posh pedigree” that matches Sic Willie’s description is the “almost 33-year old” thing, the poaching didn’t go so well (rumor has it he even got denied digits).

Actually, come to think of it Sic Willie does come from the Northeast side of Columbia. Which is kind of like coming from the East Side. So yeah. Word. Represent.


We blogged favorably on Prince William’s hottie girlfriend Kate Middleton awhile back, so we were naturally quite disappointed to hear that she and the Prince are parting ways. We were even more disheartened to learn that part of the reason appears to be royal snootiness. In recapping the reaction of the British press, this Globe and Mail article tells us:

The Sunday Mail put the story on its first seven pages and said Ms. Middleton, the daughter of a former air stewardess, did not have a sufficiently upper class background to become queen. The Sunday Mirror also plugged that line saying Ms. Middleton’s mother was simply “not posh enough for royals”. It said she had raised eyebrows by saying “toilet” instead of “lavatory” and by not addressing Queen Elizabeth properly on their first meeting.

The Queen really needs to go ahead and die. Seriously, you could misjudge the angle of elevation of your pinkie holding a damn cup of tea and probably traumatize this crusty relic. So Kate’s mom called the bathroom the “toilet?” And that raised eyebrows? Jesus, Queen. It’s not 1200 A.D. And while we know that pursing your lips, waving your hand around like a retarded traffic cop and belittling the rest of civilization is all you’ve done for the last like nine hundred years, you might want to consider cutting people some slack.

Of course this is the same b*tch who turned her nose up at Princess Diana, who was only the classiest babe to ever walk the face of the earth.

You know if we were God (hardly a stretch, we know), our judgment for Queen Snootipants’ excessive haughtiness would be to make Andrew Dice Clay England’s “King for a Week.”

Followed by a week with Tommy Lee on the throne.



1. RINO Buster - April 16, 2007

Katie going to put another one in the grave.

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