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We’re Paying For A Friggin’ Green Bean Museum? April 13, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Green Beans


FITSNews – April 13, 2007 – You know, when we were making up our list of the most critical funding needs facing the State of South Carolina right now we gotta be honest, a friggin’ national green bean museum wasn’t even in the top like, gazillion. Of course, that didn’t stop the South Carolina Senate from spending $950,000 of your tax dollars on this vegetable-based pork. According to the good folks at Discover South Carolina, the bean museum:

“Offers exhibits and displays depicting early farm life in the Pee Dee area. The site includes a syrup mill, a pole tobacco barn and a barnyard setting with animals.”

Wow. A barnyard setting with animals. How rustic. And what better way to put our state on the global economic development map than doling out political pork for a piggie petting zoo in Lake City, S.C.

Seriously, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman could have spent $950,000 on a museum honoring his own ass and it would probably end up generating more revenue for our state than this thing. Heck, nobody likes ordering green beans, let alone pulling off the damn Interstate to visit a museum honoring them. Of course, the Senate Finance Committee budget also included $3.9 million for a “Florence museum,” so the whole Leatherman honoring his own ass thing actually wasn’t too far from the truth.



1. RINO Buster - April 14, 2007

This is the crap that Gov. Sanford has been fighting against his entire term, but has been called anti-South Carolina for doing so. The state has taken in about one billion dollars in excess monies and they refuse to give it back to its rightful owner, the taxpayer. Leatherman is probably part cat also, he likes to like his own ass.

2. shaggy - April 14, 2007

wouldn’t it have been more important to have built a Hugh Leatherman Cement Mixing and Paving Museum in Florence with enough money in the kitty to hire Robby Dawkins as the Executive Director and Director of Development

3. De Apartment of Edmucation - April 14, 2007

It is a new program between, tourism,agriculture and education. South Carolina style, like a spider-monkey.

Here is the spin:

Beans, beans good for your heart
The more you eat ,the more you’re smart
When you’re ready for another meal
You will have a voc career deal

4. shaggy - April 14, 2007

But I mean seriously…has anybody looked at the “museum” quality paving that frank willis has done over the years with the cement and pebbles that have come from Leatherman?…and oh yeah there was that party during the Heritage during Lost Trust that Leatherman mysteriously didn’t seem to go to ‘ala’ Jack Lindsay telling him it wasn’t a good party to go to.

5. Amanda - April 14, 2007


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