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Our News Team Has The Latest Scoop April 12, 2007

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FITSNews – April 12, 2007 – You know, just because Sic Willie and the FITS gals are spending the week skinny dipping in the Harbour Town marina doesn’t mean we’re not simultaneously keeping tabs on the latest political gossip coming out of Importantville, S.C.

It’s called multi-flasking … er tasking, but just to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, Dora, Michelle and Elmo (pictured above) are capably representing our Columbia bureau this week. And Dora is an explorer, people. Which means she discovers stuff.

Anyway, here’s a couple of S.C. political nuggets our Columbia team has unearthed while we’ve been gone …


A lot of people have been wondering what S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford was going to do with that wad of nearly $2 million in leftover campaign cash he chose not to return to donors following his 2006 reelection.

Well, it turns out one thing could be the political equivalent of a “sting” operation directed against some of his fiercest political opponents.

Sources tell FITSNews that one of the governor’s closest advisors has been clandestinely working with at least one private investigator in an effort to collect dirt on “problem” legislators.

If true, this sort of Watergate methodology would certainly represent a radical departure from the governor’s previous pie chart and bar graph approach to getting things done.

Or not getting things done, actually.


State House insiders say Rep. Shirley Hinson – a powerful GOP Whip and House Ways & Means committee member – is planning to run for the Senate seat of Bill Mescher, who passed away last week.

These same insiders also tell us that Rep. David Umphlett is contemplating a bid for Mescher’s seat, but let’s face it – Shirley would wipe the floor with Umphlett.

You know, we kind of miss Senator Mescher. Sure, he sounded a lot like that Milton guy from Office Space who doesn’t want to give up his favorite red stapler, but nonetheless he always seemed like a straight up, stand up guy to us.


There’s no doubt that Sen. Joel Lourie, Sen. Vincent Sheheen and Rep. James Smith are among the top Democratic gubernatorial prospects for 2010. And why not? All three are young, intelligent, energetic, good-looking candidates who would pose formidible challenges to the Republican Party‘s current dominance of statewide office.

There’s just one problem – all three are incredibly close friends and it’s highly unlikely one would ever run against another.

So who’s it going to be in 2010?

Sources tell FITSNews that the group has actually gotten together to talk about it and that Lourie is going to be the man. He’s apparently already started raising money, too … under the guise of a Senate race, of course.

Stay tuned for more on all these stories …



1. oddsmaker - April 13, 2007

Has Sanford gone batty? (more batty?) If the news tip above is true, I don’t even know who would be considered his fiercest political adversaries. Sen. Leventis of Sumter? Doctor Lovelace? Probably not going to be able to dig up too much dirt on those guys even with the $2 million clams. He couldn’t possibly trying to dig up dirt on Republicans!?!?!?! Is he a true nutter? There is no election going on right now? So he is not going to be able to use it to ‘bring down’ a candidate; is he planning on using it for blackmail in some twisted J. Edgar Hoover type power play? Sheesh this guy gets weider all the time. Somebody bring back the pigs.

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