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Did Imus Say Something? April 11, 2007

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FITSNews – April 11, 2007 – You know between monitoring the status of porn star Jenna Jameson’s dramatic weight loss and “clearing the mechanism” for this morning’s Verizon Heritage Pro-Am Golf Tournament, we’ve been a little busy the last couple of days. Accordingly, we haven’t really been following whatever the hell it is that Don Imus said that seems to have landed him in so much trouble.

Apparently it had something to do with a women’s basketball team being a bunch of “nappy-headed hoes” or something like that. And now he’s losing all his advertisers and everyone, well, hates him.

We’ve never liked Imus, to be honest. Listening to him in the morning is a lot like spilling coffee on your shirt. He’s bitter, brooding and frankly, an asshole. Of course he’s done a lot of good work for children and American soldiers and let’s be honest – he didn’t say anything that black rappers don’t say EVERY day. Imus’ real problem is that he was paying any attention whatsoever to women’s basketball. No good ever comes from that, people. In fact we were at a good time once, and a women’s basketball game broke out.



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