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Sic Willie Has His Own Word? April 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

Sic Willie Bald


FITSNews – April 10, 2007 – Believe it or not, Folksonomy is a real word. Yeah, we wish it wasn’t either, because Sic Willie literally won’t shut up about it. Anyway, here’s the definition:

A folksonomy is a user generated taxonomy used to categorize and retrieve Web pages, photographs, Web links and other web content using open ended labels called tags. Typically, folksonomies are Internet-based, but their use may occur in other contexts as well. The process of folksonomic tagging is intended to make a body of information increasingly easy to search, discover, and navigate over time. A well-developed folksonomy is ideally accessible as a shared vocabulary that is both originated by, and familiar to, its primary users.

Of course “folksonomic tagging” was the only part of that whole speel Sic Willie heard. Well, in all fairness he probably heard the words “body” and “easy,” too.



1. Le - April 11, 2007

You’re a tool. But it’s nice to see you’re not at the bottom of Lake Murray…yet.

2. The Trawlerman - April 11, 2007

You have a nicely shaped head — beazy

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[…] again, here’s our surprised face […]

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