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Brian Williams Has A Big Ole Stick Up His Butt April 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.

Brian Williams


FITSNews – April 10, 2007 – NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams, who has a nice tan and reads off a teleprompter for a living, vented a little frustration about the rise of the new media during a speech to New York University journalism students recently. Quoting from today’s Opinion Journal, Williams told the students:

You’re going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem, and a bathrobe. All of my life, developing credentials to cover my field of work, and now I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn’t left the efficiency apartment in two years.

Assuming My Cousin Vinny doesn’t show up at NBC and rub Williams’ pretentious ass out for that comment first, this talking head might want to strongly consider some cheese to go with his whine. Seriously, we’ve been sitting here, all these past few weeks laying out in tropical climes developing a killer tan only to have Brian Williams go into a tanning booth for five minutes and come out golden brown. And for the record, Brian, we’re not in our Bronx efficiency today. We’re actually kicking it old school on our yacht in Harbour Town.



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