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Whatever April 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

doggy heimlich


FITSNews – April 7, 2007 – We were flipping through our latest copy of In Touch magazine the other day when we came upon the “story” of Debbie Parkhurst of Calvert, Maryland. In case you’ve never heard of this woman before, she’s the one who claims that her golden retriever performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her, saving her life. It all started when Parkhurst allegedly began choking on an apple …

“The next thing I know, Toby is on his hind feet and he’s got his front paws on my shoulders. He pushed me to the ground and began jumping up and down on my chest (until the apple popped out). I literally have paw-print-shaped bruises on my chest.”

Yeah. And in other news, Iranian terrorists were about to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the middle of London a few weeks back until our cat “Whiskers” got wind of their evil plot. That’s when Whiskers sprung into action – leaping the Atlantic in a single bound, snatching the detonating device right out of the terrorists’ hands and summoning Scotland Yard with a single “Meow.”



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