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Bust A Rove March 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

MC Rove


FITSNews – March 30, 2007 – Most of the time when we write stuff like this it’s a joke. And there’s a “satire” tag at the end of each article. After all, if we didn’t make it clear we were kidding, there’s an off chance some of you might believe us. Like the lady from Anderson, S.C. who asked us last month if Justin Timberlake was really endorsing Mitt Romney. Well, duh … yes.

Anyway, we wish this was one of those times. But no, senior presidential advisor Karl Rove actually did get up and bust a move at last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, moving his body to the beat of a “rap” song written about him. From this morning’s Guardian article:

First came the arms, swinging independently of his body like the limbs of a toy soldier. Then his torso started to sway from side to side. Thirty seconds in it started to get serious as he appeared to be trying to imitate a duck, and before the minute was out he was raising his knees and jumping up and down as though no-one bothered to tell him that pogoing went out of fashion 20 years ago.

Whoa, whoa, whoa … hold the friggin’ phone for a second. Pogoing is out of fashion? WTF? When did this happen?

That part can’t be true. The pogo – along with “The Lawnmower,” “Goin’ Shoppin’,” “Makin’ Breakfast,” and our personal favorite “Washin’ Windows” – is firmly ensconced in the pantheon of all-time classic dance moves. “Cause it’s the pogo. And we’re bouncing. It’s your birthday. On the pogo.”

Call Rove whatever you want, people, but lay off the pogo.



1. elise - March 31, 2007

Did he REALLY call himself MC Rove? i have no words…

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[…] the vast majority of these e-mails consisted of senior White House advisor Karl Rove requesting a new jelly donut every five minutes, but there’s a chance that some sensitive […]

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