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The Evil Plan Is Working March 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

john and elizabeth


FITSNews – March 23, 2007 – It’s hard being a cynic these days. Honestly. Everybody knew John Edwards‘ presidential campaign was in the toilet and he needed something, anything, to draw attention to it in a positive way, but nobody could have anticipated how eagerly the mainstream media would lap up yesterday’s cancer announcement. From today’s Washington Post uh, article (which couldn’t have been any more heart-wrenching unless it was paid for):

Not once did the shadow of fear cross her face. Elizabeth Edwards stood before the nation, a graceful fighter steeled for personal tragedy again. The cancer is back and in her bones, a lung and possibly elsewhere. The news seemed worse than bad. Yet Edwards conveyed no hint of being hobbled by an incurable cancer. Self-pity was nowhere on the scene.

Holy hell, this plan is even more diabolical than we first thought. Seriously, we haven’t seen evil like this since September 2, 1980 – the date on which Sic Willie‘s G.I. Joe and Star Wars’ action figures undertook a joint invasion of Courtney Whitmire’s house. What they did to those Barbie dolls was unspeakable. Unspeakable, people.

Anyway, we’re catching a lot of sh*t for our take on the Edwardses’ announcement yesterday. We’ve even had people who think they can intimidate us with the threat of lost revenue call us and demand that we remove yesterday’s controversial post from our website.

Well we’re sorry but that’s not going to happen.

For the record, we are sorry Mrs. Edwards has breast cancer. In fact we prayed for her last night, believe it or not. Even Sic Willie was going to say a prayer for her but we were able to convince him that might be counterproductive. So he didn’t, because he really wants her to get well. As do we.

But as sorry as we are for Mrs. Edwards’ personal tragedy, it should remain just that – personal.

The fact that the Edwards’ campaign is using it for political advancement is wrong. In fact, we believe the fact that Mr. Edwards’ campaign is continuing at all in light of this news is wrong.

But hey, it’s tough being a cynic these days.



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