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Local Girl Does Good … March 21, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.



FITSNews – March 21, 2007 – Columbia, S.C.’s own Ainsley Earhardt (above: blonde … sorry, above: blonde, black dress) has hit the big time as an anchor with FITSNews … er, sorry … FOX News. Guess there is a slight difference there. Like how many hits we get compared to these guys. Anyway, here’s a nugget from this morning’s story on Earhardt in La Socialista:

With the bigger market have come other changes. Earhardt’s on-air clothes are provided by the network, and makeup artists select her colors and apply her makeup each evening. That means she must go to work each day without makeup, and she admits that has taken some adjustments.

“You know I grew up in South Carolina,” she said.

Uh … yeah. We’re not exactly sure what just happened there. Anyway, we presume this new job means that Earhardt has learned how to pronounce words like “Emirates,” as in the United Arab Emirates. Because saying “Emma-Ra-Tease” may play okay with us knuckledraggers down here in the Land That Time Forgot, but it probably won’t go over so well in New York City.



1. Syd - March 21, 2007

Forget Emirates…she’s gonna have to learn to say AY-RAB if she’s gonna work for Faux.

2. Newspaper Hack - March 21, 2007

The State is about as socialist as Francisco Franco, but that’s a debate for another day (though Franco would’ve put Lee Bandy before a firing squad early on).

I seriously cringe when the word “journalism” is linked to TV news, and especially FOX, but now with Rita Cosby and Earhardt hitting 24-hour news we can say Carolina’s the farm program for blonde news readers.

Now, if we can only get average-looking Carolina journalism grads to get the big bucks, I’ll we’ll be getting somewhere.

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