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S.C. Senator Pays Confederate Dues With Campaign Cash March 17, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Boss Hogg


FITSNews – March 17, 2007 – S.C. Senator Jakie Knotts (above) paid $100 in dues to the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization out of his campaign account in February 2003, according to documents obtained by FITSNews. It was not immediately clear whether this was a one-time occurrence or if Jakie later reimbursed his campaign account for the expense from personal funds. It was also not immediately clear whether or not someone wrote about this already and we were just really drunk on moonshine at the time and missed it.

The amazing thing is that this revelation will probably help Jakie in Lexington County, where black people may or may not have even been given the right to vote yet. Whoops, that’s Anderson County.

Either way, we were going to call Jakie to get a comment but he probably would have just guffawed a lot, told us some funny stories and made us think he was a life-sized teddy bear with nothing but good intentions. Then we would have hugged him, and said “Awwww Jakie, you big sass-frass devil you. Go’on and git on.” Of course the fact that Jakie is in big trouble in his district is no secret, nor is the fact that heavyweights like former Lt. Gov. Robert Edward Lee “Bob” Peeler are rumored to be contemplating a run for his seat in 2008.



1. G.L. - March 17, 2007

I often agree with you on things, but Knotts is one of the best guys we’ve got in the Senate. By “we” I mean the people because Senator Knotts really cares about the people. I know first hand that he puts the folks in his district first in doing such things as paying taxes for poor people who cannot afford them. Also, a few weeks ago he sent $12,000 of his own money to Mississippi where Guardsmen about to be deployed are training so that they could have transportation home before going overseas. Knotts is definitely politically incorrect but I think we need more like him.

2. fitsnews - March 18, 2007


That’s sweet. Really. Can we give you a hug too? You big sass-frass devil, you.


3. rope - May 17, 2007

I think that good deeds so not excuse one from illegal activity. I know for a fact from seeing it myself this is not the 1st time old Jake has used campaign funds to buy personnel items. AS for helping people it sure makes for a good cover for personnal gain with money people give him to get reelected and not to buy things to hang in his office or home.

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