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D.C. In (Really Bad) Pictures March 17, 2007

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Washington Monument Flags at night


FITSNews – March 17, 2007 – We wish we could share the pics from Sic Willie‘s big night out up in D.C. impersonating the Representative from Maine, but we’re trying to stay sort of family friendly these days. Besides, it’s probably only a matter of time before one of those gals gets paid a lot of money to post those pictures over on Tyler’s site.

Anyway, here is FITSNews‘ much anticipated “D.C. In (Really Bad) Pictures” photoshoot. Believe it or not, all of these were taken by a rolling Sic Willie using nothing but the camera in his Treo 700W cell phone.


(Above) How Sic Willie rolls … er flies.

above the clouds

(Above) We were listening to The Elms “Hey, Hey, Hey” when this pic was taken from about 30,000 feet. Great view. Probably could have picked a more appropriate iPod selection, though.

Sic Willie In DC

(Above) Still not sure how this happened but yes, that is Sic Willie.

White House Twilight

(Above) Nobody believes we took this one. Oh well. It was the first shot we snapped after landing and we were walking from our hotel to dinner at a restaurant called “Jimmy’s on K.” Which was awesome. We even had this really cool and funny gay waiter who told us he was “raised a Catholic Democrat” but was “really a Jewish Republican at heart.” Solid. He was the most politically-astute person we met the whole trip.

commerce at night

(Above) Facade of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce at night. Kinda spooky. Or at least it was until we looked inside the “Commerce for Kids” entrance which had a lot of bright colored cartoon animals and balloon letters taped up to the windows. That made us feel better.

treasury at night

(Above) Treasury Department at night. A little bit disappointed to learn there’s no money in there, though. Ruined our whole evil plan.

Washington Monument Flags at night

(Above) Flags at the base of the Washington Monument flapping in the wind. It was about 2:00 a.m. when we took this picture, freezing cold, and the wind was whipping. There were literally hundreds of these flags circling the base of the monument, and they all made popping noises whenever the wind caught them.


(Above) Wish this one had come out better. The road to crappy photography is paved with good intentions, though.

spirit of st. louis

(Above) How Charles Lindbergh rolled.

x fifteen

(Above) How the early astronauts rolled.

supreme court

(Above) The school kids at the top of the steps in this picture literally couldn’t get enough of Sic Willie and his entertaining Supreme Court brainteasers. Seriously, the “Brown v. Board game,” “Roe, Roe, Roe your boat” and “What’s so special about this Coke can?” had ’em all screaming for more. There is nothing quite like someone who makes learning fun, people.

Capital One

(Above) Another one nobody believes we took. This was snapped shortly before we were almost declared an enemy combatant for attempting to photograph a security guy’s submachine gun. That’s evidently a no-no these days.


(Above) The Old Executive Office Building, or “OEOB” in D.C.-speak. This is where you work if you are not cool enough to have a job in the West Wing. Course these days it’s not clear whether working in the West Wing is actually considered “cool” or not.

dc trip ww2 memorial

(Above) The engraving on D.C.’s newest memorial, dedicated to the men and women who fought and died in WWII.


(Above) Two stone eagles circling each other inside the new WWII memorial. Wish this one had come out better, but you’re welcome to fly up and take the damn picture yourself if you don’t like it.

dc sunrise

(Above) One of our favorites. We snapped this pic on the way to interview U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett at around 8:15 in the morning. Damn. That reminds us we haven’t written our Gresham Barrett for Governor story yet.


(Above) Everybody’s favoritest government agency. Shortly after taking this picture Sic Willie was informed that his taxes may not be entirely in order.

dead rapper pez heads

(Above) WTF? How did our collection of dead rapper pezheads get in here?

lincoln memorial

(Above) Our favorite memorial all lit up at night. Gorgeous.



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