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The FITS Girls Are Pissed March 15, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Satire, SC Politics.

Mean Girls 1


FITSNews – March 15, 2007 – We don’t mind breaking one off on the peddlers of pork and the backers of bloated government here at FITSNews, but frankly we are sick and tired of Sic Willie getting all the damn credit. From this morning’s front page State Newspaper story:

Blogger Will Folks, formerly Sanford’s press spokesman, posted a story on his Web site, quoting an anonymous state senator as alleging Senate finance chairman Hugh Leatherman, R-Florence, was punishing or rewarding senators by doling out grants.

The story alleged both Leatherman and House Ways and Means chairman Dan Cooper, R-Anderson, could authorize grants with a phone call to the Budget and Control Board. Leatherman and Cooper both sit on the five-member Budget and Control Board, which hires and fires the agency’s executive director.

Both Leatherman and Cooper denied the allegations.

Hey, hey, hey … this is a team exercise in schizophrenia effort here. Yeah, it’s wonderful that a gargantuan S.C. political scandal is about to get picked open real slowly (like a scab, people), but La Socialista needs to recognize that we share the love over here. Seriously, Rachel‘s been locked in the bathroom crying her eyes out all morning. She was the one who google searched the money shot, after all, and dammit if reporter Aaron Sheinin didn’t give her a lick of credit for it. Jackass.



1. Earl - March 16, 2007

They never give credit. They just set it up so someone gets the blame for it, should the story cause some of those offended parties to complain to The State.

Instant deniability: “We didn’t say that, Folks did. You know how those bloggers are always putting up all sorts of useless drivel and trash online. Please don’t be mad and not let us come to your parties anymore.”

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