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Is We Reporters? March 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.

Muppet News


FITSNews – March 11, 2007La Socialista has an interesting article by reporter Aaron Gould Sheinin this morning posing the question “What is a journalist?” Apparently, the sudden proliferation of new media is challenging conventional definitions of reporting, necessitating a revisitation of objective standards and relevent criteria in the credentialing process.

Ouch. That gave us a brain freeze. So anyway, are we news-gatherer(er)s here at FITSNews or aren’t we? Well, we do have the word “News” in our name. So yeah, guess that settles that.

More importantly, what the hell is up with all these white ping pong balls Gonzo keeps putting on our news desk? Seriously, how in the hell are we supposed to work in an environment like this?



1. PI Resident - March 11, 2007

Aaron (now he uses the name Gould) Sheinin must think no one will remember his first job as a “reporter” at the weekly tabloid The Coastal Observer. We in Pawleys Island always called it the Coastal Disturber while Aaron wrote his gossip and false stories. I have a question for the FITS staff. Can you find out why Arron does not have that cushy job writing for NOAA that Fritz Hollings got for him? And oh by the way Aaron like I always told you in Pawleys YOUR LIBERAL BIAS IS SHOWING AGAIN.

2. fitsnews - March 12, 2007

PI Resident-

Coastal Disturber is actually pretty funny, so we give you points for that. Other than that, your rant is kinda pathetic. We have dealt with plenty of biased reporters in our day, and we can assure you that Mr. Sheinin is not one of them.

Plenty of reporters and editors at La Socialista are no doubt guilty of a liberal bias (why do you think we call it La Socialista?) but seriously, Aaron does a good job. Lighten up.


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