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Voulez-Vous De Buerre? March 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.



FITSNews – March 8, 2007 – France, which got beat like it stole somethin’ by Nazi Germany like just a couple of years ago, is beginning to resemble its former nemesis by passing laws that would restrict freedom of the press. So much for all that Liber-tay, Egali-tay, Fraterni-tay crap. From the IDG News Service :

The broad drafting of the law so as to criminalize the activities of citizen journalists unrelated to the perpetrators of violent acts is no accident, but rather a deliberate decision by the authorities, said (some French dude). He is concerned that the law, and others still being debated, will lead to the creation of a parallel judicial system controlling the publication of information on the Internet.

As John Mayer says, “when they own the information they can bend it all they want.” Come to think of it, he didn’t say it, he sang it. And it was more like “when they own the information Oooooooooooh they can bend it all they want.” You gotta have the Ooooooooooh in there.



1. diggy - March 8, 2007

I’m a big believer that the truth will out. Eventually.

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