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Spankin’s Not Even Trying To Hide It March 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – March 8, 2007 – We about blushed when we saw a recent campaign filing for S.C. Senator Luke Rankin.

Of course, we immediately understood why the Democrat-turned-Republican from Horry County is doing everything he can to derail meaningful workers’ compensation reform in the State Senate this year.

According to Rankin’s July 10, 2006 campaign filing, twenty-eight of the thirty-nine itemized contributions he received during the reporting period came directly from workers’ compensation attorneys, firms that handle workers’ compensation cases or relatives of workers’ compensation attorneys. Another seven contributions came from attorneys whose specific areas of practice could not immediately be determined, bringing Rankin’s total lawyer-haul for the period to over $14,000.

On top of these contributions, Rankin received $1,000 from the S.C. Trial Lawyers’ Association, which also gave him $1,000 back in September 2003.

Hopefully, Rankin is at least learning to “sit,” “stay,” “speak” or our personal favorite, “rollover and play dead.”



1. Ad - March 9, 2007

What about John Land, Gerald Malloy, and McConnell’s ex-law partner? Those guys don’t make any money standing up for the rights of the poor injured worker. If you were to FOIA what certain Senators made practicing in the area of worker’s comp, some eyebrows might be raised.

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