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The Sanford For President Club March 3, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, Satire, SC Politics.

Bong smokers


FITSNews – March 3, 2007 – Charleston, S.C. television station WCBD has a story tonight on the possibility of Gov. Mark Sanford running for president … of the United States.

“Let’s watch Fantasia again,” said Sanford for President founder Bong Jones. “And like, where’d we put those Cheetos? Cause I got the munchies bad, dude.”

FITSNews has learned that at the next Sanford for President meeting, people are going to stare at the first Dave Matthews Band album cover for a long time to see if they can see the hand giving the peace sign.



1. Bernard L Jones Sr. - March 3, 2007

Much better than a Clinton or any of thier supporters.

2. Mixmaster Mike - March 4, 2007

I never thought “Sanford for President” was a good idea but now, all of a sudden, I feel the sudden urge to join the club.

Seriously, I’m stressed, my glaucoma is kicking up, and this wasting syndrome has me looking like Kate Moss on crack. Now where did I put those E-Z Wides…?

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