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We Don’t Count So Good Down Here March 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Rick Beltram


FITSNews – March 2, 2007 – Uh yeah. So it turns out we don’t count (or spell) so good here in South Carolina. Apparently John McCain, not Rudy Giuliani won last night’s Spartanburg County Presidential straw poll – but hell, with this goat show Bob Dole may end up winning it tomorrow. FITSNews has obtained a copy of an e-mail sent from Spartanburg GOP Chairman Rick “Einstein” Beltram to members of the media trying to explain the County Clusterf*ck straw poll results .

What’s especially funny is that in addition to his counting skills, Beltram also tosses out big boy words like “attahced,” “exteme,” “higheset,” “verfifed” and “orgainzed” (misspelled twice). Here’s the e-mail:


Attahced is the final spreadsheet for our straw poll results. We have now included write-ins and we had about 50 Precinct attendees that did not vote.

As a result, we had about 800 Precinct attendees. Due to exteme weather issues, we have 11 precincts not orgainzed.

We did orgainze 81 of 92 precincts.

We will have a make-up meeting on March 22 at 7PM at HQ.

This attendance is the highest of any County and the higheset that we have ever had to Precinct Meetings which are very difficult to recruit to get folks to attend.

NOTE: Last night it was realized that the McCain vote DID NOT total as per the actual votes. The column totaled 114 and it should have totaled 141.

This accounts for the large change in the McCain final total. This was a clerical error caused during the count last night.

We did do a re-count and verfified all numbers.

Please call me at : 864-590-7723 with any follow-up questions.

Thank you.

Rick Beltram

The best part of all this is that when FITSNews called Beltram this afternoon to confirm that this was indeed his e-mail and not some campaign trying to make him look retarded, he not only “verfifed” that he sent it, but reassured us that Spartanburg is “the most organized county in the state.”



1. Bernard L Jones Sr. - March 3, 2007

McCain is a nice guy!

They have no chance of winning in the dirty, selfish world of politics.

2. Earl - March 3, 2007

Tsk, tsk, tsk … such language.

3. rick beltram - March 3, 2007

Please lighten up…..you are not helping the GOP cause.
With 800 people at a Precinct Meeting, we feel very good about what we did. We now have a team in place for the General Election. We had a clerical error but I am NOT going to throw our volunteer under the bus! I am very proud of our great organized team. The campaign staff members present became a very difficult barrier to a smooth process flow on Thursday night. I should have closed the process…..I had mistakenly thought that sunlight was a good thing!
You can poke at us…..but the jabs will not hurt!

Rick Beltram

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5. The Woodruff Boyz - March 4, 2007

Hey Rick,
I find it deplorable that you would criticise a veteran stating,he needed to go to civics class when you definitely failed to identify your own shortcomings.

1.) Math errors that caused misrepresentation in the national media.
2.) On national television, Fox News you referred to Alan as Sean
3.) In your press release explaining the fiasco you made a typo in the first sentence.
4.) You have acted in a high-handed manner with your make up vote and your minimal concern in having the voice of the disabled, soldiers, sailors,sick, and elderly.
5.) You have timed most events to favor certain candidates if not a specific candidate at certain events.
6.) You have made prejudicial comments in the media that leads one reading the logical deduction of what candidate you are supporting.
7.) You continually make veil threats and are heavy-handed against people.

May I suggest you take basic math (addition),english grammar and composition, ethics, and civil rights courses. Then , after completing those core classes we can move on to organizational management.

So, in conclusion, why do you not do the honorable thing for the “GOP cause” and simply resign. If you do not resign why do you not take the high road and publish the names and locations of the polls you are reorganizing, and accomodate the folks that would normally vote by absentee ballots? Failure to do so will prove my point-you lack character.

6. rick beltram - March 4, 2007

Hey Woodruff:
Real people who have given me their name have told me just the opposite.
I will proceed forward with what the real people desire.
The Precincts (not polls as you say) that are not organized are public information at our HQ (call Gary at 909-0547 for verification).
We will also personally contact voters in the those areas over the next 2 weeks.

Rick Beltram

Note: we have never had as many as 82 precincts organized on the first go-around. Wow!

7. Woodruff Globe Trotters - March 4, 2007

I am sure your people will be calling the precincts that did not organize, and I am sure that list will be handed over to Romney.

Further, you never answered why you can’t add. I guess you are on the left side of the bell curve with regard to intelligence.

PS; If you ever read “The Prince” and actually understood it you would understand why I did not give my name. Further, you have discriminated against people and vilated two federal laws, would you like me to take you to law school before you complete elementary education? You climber!

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9. Woodruff Globe Trotters - March 4, 2007

Hey Rick,

I think this is appropiate with regards to your representation of Spartanburg county.



10. rick beltram - March 5, 2007

Please read the SHJ (03/03/07). The issue with the spreadsheet is fully explained. However, all campaigns/Press were reviewing the same data and did not pick up the error.
Just throw everyone under the bus as a group.

Rick Beltram

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