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Newt’s Not Gonna Slither For President March 1, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.



FITSNews – March 1, 2007 – So the mainstream media is making a big deal about how former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed Hillary Clinton as “nasty” and “endlessly ruthless” in a New York Post editorial board interview yesterday. More newsworthy in our humble opinion(s) were the comments that Gingrich made about former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the issue of Republican electability. From the article:

(Gingrich) said the GOP needs to nominate a Ronald Reagan-type candidate and added, “I think it’s not an accident that Giuliani is running as well as he is in the polls.” Gingrich called New York’s evolution under Giuliani “a tremendous story . . . It’s a different city.” (Gingrich also) warned that the GOP is in the “early stages of an enormous transition” and suggested electability is an issue for Republicans. “A normative Republican running like a traditional Republican, which means a non-Reagan Republican, and trying to beat Hillary by being negative is hopeless,” he said.

Let’s see what the FITSNews’ candidate translator spits out … hold on … wait just a second … ok, here it is: “My name is Newt. I am not running for president. I will be endorsing a candidate who can win. Like Rudy Giuliani, who is a very attractive man. In fact, Rudy kind of excites me in a way I’m not sure I should talk about. The way he so firmly stood up to those terrorists. Mmmmm. Rudy is a very, very attractive man the more I think about it. In fact … ” Geez. Somebody pull the plug on that thing. Anyway, you get the idea.



1. Bernard L Jones Sr. - March 3, 2007

He is a good guy, but good guys don’t win!

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