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How Real Is The Demand For School Choice? February 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

School Choice State House Steps


FITSNews – February 28, 2007 – Charleston Post & Courier reporter-babe Diette Courrege has an excellent story in this morning’s paper highlighting how real the demand for school choice is in South Carolina. In telling the story of parents Bill and Dorothy Netherland, Courrege writes:

The only comfort (Bill) found was knowing that he wouldn’t settle when it came to his daughter’s education. She was going to attend a good school, even if it meant taking out a loan or getting a second mortgage on his house. He even would consider moving to a different part of the county if he wasn’t satisfied with her school options.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. If public schools have gotten to the point people are willing to take out second mortgages and move to find a better educational setting, you’d think the state could help parents like Bill and Dorothy out a little bit.



1. Alex Gillon - February 28, 2007

Instead of moving, or taking out a second mortgage or loan to fund private school costs, I wonder if Bill and Dorothy ever thought about pitching in, encouraging their friends and neighbors to do the same, and attempting to make their neighborhood school a better place. After all, isn’t individual initiative what made America great–not running away from the problem or seeking a government bailout?

2. tammy - March 1, 2007

PUBLIC schools. They’re a public service. Their role is to offer the basic necessities to those in our community to learn to read, write, learn to function within our society. And hell…we can’t even get that part right.

Why in the hell would anyone go broke moving around to find a good one? What makes Bill and Doro think the public needs to give them better options and not everyone else? Don’t Bill and Doro realize that EVERYONE wants the best education for their children?

I pay for insurance so I can get better care than the local health department and I bought a car so I don’t have to ride public transportation. Do I deserve “choice” because I want better?

Public education is a basic service to educate the masses. We need to focus on getting public education to succeed at the basics FIRST…once we get that downpat maybe we can worry about the Bill and Doro’s of the world trying to milk the best education EVER out of a public service.

3. tammy - March 1, 2007

Wait. Scratch that. I read Will’s post…then commented…then read the article. 🙂 Welcome to my world.

I know that’s no good, but I did. I blame the glass(es) of Chardonnay I drank and my assumption that I will automatically disagree with Will Folks.

This is like a charter school…that Bill and Doro are dealing with…and I’m still learning and trying to understand those and their role….so…nevermind for now, I guess.

My original post is more of a voucher rant.

God, I hate it when I do that. But…I do. And there I am.

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