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Yo-bama, We’ve Heard This Song Before February 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Barack Star


FITSNews – February 24, 2007 – Politics is everywhere in South Carolina these days.

In fact, we went for some of Chef Fatback’s famous peach cobbler at Mac’s On Main yesterday and were suprised to find Barack Obama‘s campaign literature staring us in the face. Initially, this didn’t upset us quite as much as Democrat John Edwards environmentally insensitive cluttering of our windshield a couple weeks back … that is until we read it.

“There’s a fundamental disconnect today between the common concerns and core decency of American people, and the politics in Washington that is distorted by special interest favors and lobbyist money,” Obama’s flyer says. “We must forge a new politics for a new America, and we must do it together.”

Together? We don’t know about the rest of the patrons at Mac’s, but “Just The Two Of Us” started playing in our heads when we read that. You know, like “us and Barack, we can make it if we try.”

Seriously, though. Barackarama needs to get some writers who specialize in non-regurgitation, because that anti-special interest song and dance sounds exactly like the kind of crap that every politician who is part of the special interest favor factory in Washington, D.C. says. Which is every politician in Washington, D.C.



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