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Katherine McPhee’s Breasts Mounting Massive Conspiracy February 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

Katherine McPhee


FITSNews – February 24, 2007 – We just figured out who Katherine McPhee is today, but damn if she isn’t already lying to us about her ample and seemingly perfectly-proportioned sweater monkeys.

After going on and on about how much it bothers her to be accused of having breast implants because in her words, “it’s something that’s yours and people are saying it’s not yours,” McPhee in this video shakes her assets and permits Tyra Banks to feel them, which Tyra does, reporting back that “they’re jiggly and soft.”

“I felt them and they are real,” Banks says. Yeah, except it turns out they’re not real. And the source on that is McPhee herself.

That’s because in this video the American Idol runner-up proudly announces “I bought these” and refers to her breasts as “$5,000 cleavage.”

Momentarily ignoring the really freaky guy in a man-kini who appears alongside McPhee in the video, why does the simple fact that McPhee has fake breasts warrant a massive conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of Tyra Banks’ bi-curiosity?

“Given the various buoyancy, resistance and torque algorithms I’ve researched, there is absolutely no correlation between non-natural enhancement and the effective administration of the motorboat,” said a world famous scientist who may or may not have been Sic Willie dressed up in fake glasses and a lab coat.

You ain’t gots ta lie, Kat. You ain’t gots ta lie.



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