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South Carolina’s Bush League Governor’s Office February 21, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Sanford Chart


FITSNews – February 21, 2007 – Stung by criticism of its mishandling of a coastal insurance crisis (and subsequent scapegoating of Insurance Director Eleanor Kitzman), Gov. Mark Sanford’s office recently removed both FITSNews and SC Hotline from its media distribution lists. So much for all that sunshine in government.

Fortunately, not much news comes from the governor’s office these days. Unless of course you count the whole “pick up a wrench for change” thing as news.

SC Hotline encountered additional attempted reprisals when Sanford’s Director of Strategery Jason Miller called at least one of the website’s advertisers and urged them to terminate their business dealings with the website.

“Mr. Miller informed us that the governor’s office did not want us doing business with the website any longer,” one SC Hotline advertiser told FITSNews.

You know, there’s a word we’re looking for here that describes this kind of reaction. Wait a second … it’ll come to us. Oh yeah, it’s “pussy.”

Grow up, governor. All that time in the tanning booth should have thickened the ole’ skin a little more than this.

Oh, and maybe the B-team currently running your press shop didn’t realize this, but all those press releases and media advisories you think you’re depriving us of?

Yeah, they’re all posted on your website.

So nice work, geniuses.



1. Columbia City Paper - February 21, 2007

Gov. Sanford’s office won’t even take our calls anymore! …Then again, no one really takes our calls.

2. The Shot - February 21, 2007

He sends all our releases to us although nobody reads our site anyway.

3. Daniel - February 21, 2007

Although you have to admire the nice symmetry of the “impotent rage” coming back full circle!

4. Crystal - February 21, 2007

You have to watch the Governor’s web site closely to catch those news releases though…..they don’t update them that often and sometimes never put them in the site and things can sometimes be way out of date on the site….For example, they left Chris Drummond and Will Folks in on the media page for a very long time after they were both gone. 🙂

5. iwantmyfairshare - February 22, 2007

Has the gov ever been drug tested???

6. Jeffrey Young - February 22, 2007

I don’t think the governor tried to make a scapegoat out of Kitzman. The best answer to the insurance problem is not poor people subsidizing the wealthy’s homeowner insurance. Could it not be possible that the Governor simply wanted a fair solution?

7. fitsnews - February 22, 2007


Actually, no. It couldn’t. It is impossible.

But to seriously answer your question, if Sanford didn’t move the wind pool line, he should have told people why not and – wait for it – DONE SOMETHING ELSE.

Instead, his Insurance Director told him a crisis was coming, she offered him suggestions to solve it and then – again, wait for it – didn’t hear back from the governor until six months later when he called to tell her she was getting shit-canned.

Yeah, that’s a fair solution.


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