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The Nintendo No Game Boy February 20, 2007

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Will No Game


FITSNews – February 20, 2007 – Flowers. Check. Candy. Check. Mood-setting CD’s. Check. Witty banter loaded with sincere compliments and self-deprecating humor. Check.

He is pulling out all the stops, but none of it is doing a lick of good for our reformed hero. Time to tell it like it is sports fans, Sic Willie is the Nintendo No Game Boy.

If the summit of Everest is the heart of the woman he loves, Sic Willie is almost halfway there. Except by “almost halfway there” we were referring to the ten step walk from his front door to the car, at which point he still has to drive to the airport, take a plane to the Nepal and scale the tallest mountain in the world.



1. Daniel - February 20, 2007

You think I’m just going to let you take my title without a fight? Not so fast my friend

2. fitsnews - February 20, 2007

Uh … are you or are you not halfway down the aisle already?

Somebody get us $D’Brickashaw on the phone, holla.

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