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Daily Crap Dumped February 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Daily Crap


FITSNews – February 19, 2007The Politico is reporting this afternoon that A Daily Turd, the “sleeper cell” website run by Mitt Romney’s S.C. Goon Squad, has been dumped as an affiliate by the National Journal.

Apparently, the site got dropped (like the Cosby kids at the pool?) not long after we published this report outlining its close proximity to the Romney organization.

So what’s the significance of the National Journal‘s decision to dump the Daily Dump? Honestly, not much, but don’t tell that to the Straight Talk Express. Truth be told, it’s probably not even something Sic Willie would use as a line to try and get laid, if he was still doing that sort of thing. Because honestly, “Hey baby, I got Mitt Romney’s South Carolina website dumped by the National Journal today,” is sexy only if you are Will Folks talking to your reflection in the mirror.

UPDATE – Amazingly, we were able to make it through this entire article without using the term “flushed.” But that is just the kind of discipline we possess, people. Kind of like when we were back in Da Nang and Charlie took us prisoner and kept putting bamboo shoots under our fingernails. But we never told him where the Bridge On The River Kwai was.



1. njm - February 19, 2007

the html link to politcio has a typo – a comma rather than a period in the URL

2. Junior - February 19, 2007


ohhhh, and there’s more to come!

3. adailyshit - February 19, 2007

if i’m not mistaken i believe the phrase

“you got served”

was left out of the post

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