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Immigration Humor February 13, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, Good Stuff, US Politics.

Immigration Final


FITSNews – February 13, 2007 – You know, the best part of this is the “Sex: Mucho” thing. Because damn if those Mexicans don’t like to hump a lot.

You know, speaking of Mexicans, did anybody besides us notice that S.C. Rep. Gloria Haskins has formed a Hispanic Caucus in the State House of Representatives? Yup. She is currently serving as the organization’s President, Vice-President, Treasurer as well as the entire Board of Advisors.

That’s because Gloria (who is actually Colombian, not Mexican) is the only Hispanic member of the South Carolina General Assembly. Not to mention one of only 14 women currently serving in the South Carolina General Assembly. Which makes South Carolina is the only state in the nation with less than 10% female represenation in its state legislature. Which is pathetic.

Frankly, South Carolina needs to undergo a cultural awakening not unlike the one Alicia Silverstone had in Clueless after Rosie told her “I not a Mexican.” You know, right before Alicia organized the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief effort, started paying attention to geography and started encouraging Brittany Murphy to date Travis instead of that loser Elton.

All of which remains the inspiration for the many, many good deeds we do on a daily basis to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.



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