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Politically Correct Insanity February 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

GM Robot


FITSNews – February 9, 2007 – The ordinarily shiny, happy people over at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention apparently aren’t getting any jollies off of a General Motors‘ Super Bowl ad.

In case you missed it, the ad featured a “depressed” robot throwing itself from a bridge after being fired for dropping a screw on the GM assembly line floor. Of course right as it is about to hit the water, the robot “wakes up” and discover it was all just a bad dream.

But what was cute and funny to us (and to most Americans) prompted this testament to political correctness press release from the Joy Luck Club. According to them, the ad “is offensive to the tens of millions of survivors of suicide loss nationwide.” Of course, when pressed in news reports to quantify that outrage, the group said it had received “250 complaints,” which is slightly less than “tens of millions.” But when you’re depressed it is easy to confuse things like reality, and numbers, and apparently, medications.

We actually have some advice for the 250 people who took the time to call the anti-Suicidites and complain about this ad.

Ready? Just kill yourself.

Seriously, we don’t recommend that often, but it doesn’t sound like any of you want to stick around this planet much longer.



1. yunahalo - February 9, 2007

Are you serious? I’ve had pleny of suicides in my life, JLC needs to GROW UP… that is until they experience suicide FIRST HAND.

2. Don Johnson - February 9, 2007

WOW, and I thought the people behind the Snickers controversy were crazy.

I now know what is wrong with America. 30 years ago, we used these crazy passions to better our world, put a man on the moon, and defeat the communists. Now, we’ve split into 8,000 nutty interest groups who want everyone to like them and hold their views.

We are one step away from banning fun of any kind. No more humor, Will, did you hear me? Maybe I’ll send a press release….

3. Stu Lyons - February 9, 2007

I thought the commercial was stupid and in bad taste because this company has laid off how many people in the last couple of years? And we’re supposed to feel sorry for a robot?

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