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Teri Hatcher Swears She Hasn’t Had Any Work Done February 7, 2007

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FITSNews – February 7, 2007 – We thought this story from TMZ was pretty funny.

Seriously, Teri Hatcher is claiming she hasn’t had any plastic surgery? That’s a lot like … uh … like um … uh … like um … yeah. You know, this isn’t even worth trying to write anything funny. Sure, we could say Joan Brady but none of our national friends would get the joke.

Look people, it’s Teri Hatcher. When she talks, nothing on her face even budges. Case closed. She could be standing in the middle of a hurricane and get hit square in the face by a stop sign flying through the air at 100 mph and she probably wouldn’t even feel it. Because she’s a robot. A robot who probably just lost her wind and hail insurance, by the way.

Update – Tyler has picked up on this. Hilarious.



1. Emily - May 10, 2007

Please leave my mother alone. She is a beautiful woman, who looks wonderful for her age. She takes great care of herself, and it shows. She doesn’t need plastic surgery. More importantly, she is a smart representative and tries to develop/support legislation to help our state. I had no idea that this blog existed or that someone would write such crass comments- please stop.

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