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Governor’s Office Trying to Squash Kitzman Story February 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Sanford State of the State1


FITSNews – February 7, 2007 – Using lies, threats and intimidation, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford‘s office got the Charleston Post and Courier to back down from a story exposing his attempted scapegoating of Insurance Director Eleanor Kitzman.

You can read all about Sanford’s bush league treatment of Kitzman in this Exclusive SC Hotline Report.

Oh, and how’s this for irony. Who, pray tell, is Mister “I’m a businessman, not a politician” and “we need to run government like a business” naming as Kitzman’s replacement? That’s right – a friggin’ politician.



1. Lowcountry counselor - February 7, 2007

You know, I asked you about this very issue two weeks ago. And now, we have the answers. How very sad for Kitzman…how very sad for the people of this state. And where does that leave those of us on the coast now? Where does that leave any of us, as this issue will affect everyone.
Let me guess, back to the solutions proposed in the Governor’s State of the State address. First, let’s hold a climate change conference and then let’s invite Andres Duany in to assist us with growth issues.
The Governor’s failure to address this problem when brought to his attention before the election is very disappointing. It is ironical that in his above-referenced speech he stated the following: “Abraham Lincoln once said, ” Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”……The danger of power lies in the fact that those who are vested with it too often make its preservation their first concern and therefore naturally oppose any changes in the forces that have given them this power.”
Need I say more?

2. Lowcountry counselor - February 7, 2007

Yes….having read an AP update. Kitzman’s recommendations were a preemptive solution to the coastal insurance crisis. Now Kitzman is gone, we’re in a crisis, and we hear the tourism leaders of our state making the SAME recommendations.

3. Whoopie - February 8, 2007

I wonder how much insurance lobby money that Senator from Beaufort received in his last race?

4. Kitzman: “I Was Instructed Not To Expand The Wind Pool” « FITSNews For Now - February 13, 2007

[…] 13, 2007 – S.C. Insurance Director Eleanor Kitzman, who was thrown under the bus by S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford last week after he failed to follow her recommendations regarding a brewing coastal insurance […]

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