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Are Blogs Like, Important Or Something? February 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, SC Politics.

John Edwards


FITSNews – February 7, 2007 – So Chris Cillizza up at the Washington Post has an interesting story about two John Edwards’ staffers landing in some hot water over comments they made on blogs.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the kind of stuff that got former Drew Theodore campaign manager Phil Bailey in so much trouble a little over a year ago here in South Carolina, when he made anonymous comments on Laurin Manning’s website that basically accused former Gov. Carroll Campbell of inciting a race riot – the day after Campbell passed away.

It may also be why the Retarded Iguana Society over at A Daily Crap is so anxious to link Sic Willie to the presidential campaign of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

After all, Sic Willie would provide a veritable treasure trove of material to work with.

How come? Because he says whatever the f**k he wants to, that’s why.

But are you sure Hizzoner’s where he’s headed? We thought you guys were telling people he was already on McCain’s payroll?

Relax, iguanas. And put some clothes on.

We’ll let you know when the man with the plan makes his move.

UPDATE – Somehow we got confused while writing this and thought we were calling the Daily Bowel Movement boys the “Naked Iguanas” as opposed to the “Retarded Iguanas.”

Hence the “put some clothes on” reference. Where we got “Naked Iguanas” from is anybody’s guess.



1. whoopie - February 7, 2007

Speaking of Phil Baily, he, loser Lachlan McIntosh, or i it McIntosh Lachlan….but what does it matter, I am sure he answers readily to the nickname Krispy Kreame…Lauren Manning, and a host of “wannabes” were swilling drinks at the Liberty. My date knew a few of them better than I…so I spent a few minutes careening from egotistical rant to self indulgent aggrandizement to ….

…but I digress.

What a bunch of losers! All the self interested maxi-egos/mini-brained young Dems were there for some party. I was amazed at the low social skills.

Anyway…back to the point…I was looking at Lahland who blogged his porky fingers off for fellow loser Robert Barber…and Bailey…the serial poster of false info for the ultimate chump…and I felt very secure for the future of the Republican party in SC.

So worry not…all is secure!

2. Earl - February 7, 2007

both parties have hacks who couldn’t get a job in the private sector if their lives depended upon it, but since the democrats are in the minority, they can’t afford to be run by their “B” team.

3. whoopie - February 7, 2007

well said, earl…well said

4. Earl - February 7, 2007

That certainly wasn’t a criticism of the good people on both sides who work in politics who are good and/or believe in what they are doing. You get some good, and some bad.

As for me, I don’t want to worry about betting my job security on being able to move from one race to another, or hoping someone gets elected or re-elected. Nothing against those who do, but being a single parent, I couldn’t afford the luxury.

Oh, I got the Retared Iguana bit. If one looks at the TTS logo, it can appear to be RIS.

5. fitsnews - February 7, 2007


We actually think they are retarded, too.


6. Earl - February 8, 2007

Ok, but do you really think they’re iguanas too?

7. John Steinberger - February 10, 2007

Who else does a horizontal thumbs-up sign?

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