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Mark Sanford’s Consultant Has Too Much Time On His Hands January 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Sanford Bar Graphs


FITSNews – January 29, 2007 – To everybody in the world except Mark Sanford, Jenny Sanford and their political consultant, Jon Lerner, the notion that South Carolina’s eclectic, underachieving and frequently absent-minded governor could ever be President of the United States has all but evaporated.

Let’s put it this way, when his former Revenue Director Burnie Maybank has to yell out “MANUFACTURERS, GOOD!” to remind the state’s chief executive of the group he was talking to at a Governor’s Mansion event last week, it’s probably not a good sign. After all, what happens in D.C. if Burnie’s not around to yell out “NORTH KOREA, BAD!”

Of course there’s also the fact Sanford (still) hasn’t gotten a damn thing done. And has given up on all his signature issues except restructuring (which is tanking). And has no backbone or personal loyalty. And lies about going to the tanning booth.

Just don’t tell any of that to Washington Times contributing columnist Joel Mowbray, though, who played “Tonto” to Jon Lerner’s “Lone Ranger” last week by penning this gushing Sanford for President hand job article.

Let’s examine some of Mr. Mowbray’s salient points regarding a Sanford Presidential bid, shall we?

“On paper, a Sanford candidacy seems quixotic.”

Amazingly, it becomes even more quixotic when you take it “off of paper.”

“The recently re-elected governor could capture conservatives’ imagination with his unrelenting adherence to core principles.”

You mean like not taking PAC money? Because that was like, so unrelenting.

“Unlike most Republican governors who either pushed their state parties to the left or simply acquiesced to tax or spending increases passed by legislatures of either party, Mr. Sanford has battled profligate Republicans at every turn.”

Well, unless we’re counting the $100 million he wants to spend on a port road that we should be paying for with private dollars, another “core principle” of Marky Mark’s which – along with taxpayer funded lobbyists – got sacrificed in exchange for Bill Stern‘s campaign cash.

“Compared to his one-term predecessor, total salaries in his first term were $7 million lower — just for the governor’s office, not statewide.”

You get treated real nice like when you leave too. Really.

“While his budget cuts have proven quite popular with a public fed up with pork-barrel politics, Mr. Sanford doesn’t gear his actions to maximize popularity.”

You’ve got to be kidding, Joel. Seriously. Is your last name “Mowbray” or “Sawyer?” Gearing his actions to maximize popularity is the only thing Sanford has ever been good at.

“Mr. Sanford hasn’t even hinted that he’s interested in running for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but that hasn’t stopped activists and contributors from prodding him.”

If by “activists” you mean his consultant and “contributors” you mean his wife.

“To celebrate defying the GOP old guard and winning (reelection), Mr. Sanford is about to fight fellow Republicans — again — for more tax cuts.”

Really? We thought he was telling his “fellow Republicans” that he was tired of fighting? They’ll probably be very interested to hear how his D.C. consultant is spinning it to the national fringe media. Oh, and pimping a watered down income tax cut in exchange for a cigarette tax increase isn’t exactly the stuff of Milton Friedman or Arthur Laffer.

Course then again, turns out neither is Mark Sanford.

A few hours before defeating a candidate he outspent 2 to 1 who could barely put together a coherent sentence, South Carolina’s governor said 2006 was his “last election.”

Might want to stick with that thought, Gov.



1. G.L. - January 29, 2007

What did His Excellency do to piss you off, Mr. Folks? Did he tow your car when you parked in his spot the other week?

2. fitsnews - January 29, 2007

Actually, Sic Willie got away with the parking spot caper. Go figure. SLED Chief Robert Stewart even busted in the act and let us off with a chuckle … er, warning. Sorry, Chief. We know the gov has told the Cabinet to go rough on us.

If you recall, G.L., our founding editor Mr. Folks stuck with the governor for quite some time after his departure from the State House, writing several pro-Sanford opeds in the newspaper and always defending the governor against his many detractors.

But it was within the last few months, when the governor started selling out his ideals (like tax cuts, spending limits, slowing the growth of higher ed spending, school choice, not taking PAC money, taxpayer funded lobbyists, free market port expansion, etc.) – and selling them out in some cases for campaign cash – that our commitment to the truth and desire to “keep it real” got the best of us.

We think there is still hope yet for this governor to get back on track. But we also know the only language he understands is a swift kick to the balls, something we happen to be fairly adept at administering.

Figuratively, of couse.

3. RandyOK - January 29, 2007

I like the “idea” of Mark Sanford. The public likes the idea of him. But what he does in real life is just incredible.

People in the know tell me he could have easily passed the reforms though the senate had he made 4 phone calls to key people…and had actually lobbied key peeps like the Lt. Gov and several key dems.

The guys continues to appoint useless political hacks to boards and commissions, then says he does not have any contol over state govt.

This is odd. Odd I say…odd!

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