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Classy, Classy, Classy January 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

Paris Hilton Nude1


FITSNews – January 29, 2007 – What’s amazing about this picture of Paris Hilton is it has resulted in the first lawsuit ever filed against FITSNews. Honest to God.

What’s also amazing is it wasn’t some angry Bible-thumper in Anderson County objecting to the “family unfriendliness” Paris always confers on our little corner of the blogosphere who filed it. It was actually that Little Black Box covering her nipples who sued us. Well, and our Photoshop program sued us too.

Why? Turns out the second we opened this pic from Paris Exposed, our Photoshop program contracted an STD. Which was then passed on to the little black box we used to cover Paris’ nonexistent boobies. So thanks a lot, Paris. You’re still a slut, your breasts are still small, and now we’re out like $20 kazillion dollars to two inanimate objects.



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