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Heard In The Echo Chamber – Rudy’s In, Etc. January 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, Pop Culture, SC Politics.

Rudy’s In


FITSNews – January 28, 2007 -We asked the question yesterday, we’re answering it today. Rudy Giuliani will be a candidate for President in 2008 and Rod Shealy will serve as his primary South Carolina consultant, sources confirmed Saturday to FITSNews.

Neither revelation is particularly suprising. After all, we “begged” both questions in an article several weeks ago, and it was only a matter of time before a source backed up the claim with some hard evidence.

Speaking of sources, how good is our source on Rudy? Let’s just say he may have been a central figure at Ground Zero in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Oh, and he likes the New York Yankees a lot.


Dick Harpootlian, the always quotable former S.C. Democratic Party Chairman whose intellect runs circles around current Chairman Joe Erwin, sent a strong signal in today’s edition of La Socialista that his eventual candidate of choice for president could be New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

“I could see where all the candidates of the United States Senate collapse because of the inability to deal with Iraq,” Harpo said.

Hmmm. Clinton, Obama, Biden, Dodd … all United States Senators. And former Senator John Edwards was a co-sponsor of the Iraqi War Resolution.

Who’s left? Al Sharpton?

We’ll keep our eyes on Hartpotlion (that’s how anti-Armenian S.C. Governor Mark Sanford spells his last name), but as much as Harpo likes to shoot from the hip, he’s way too smart to have said something like that by accident.

Or is it “on accident?”


Last week, Missouri’s Senate President Mike Gibbons and Speaker of the House Rod Jetton appeared before the Missouri School Boards’ Association organization to argue in favor of a bill that would provide tax credits to low income children in failing schools.

“The time of sitting by and watching the lives of thousands of children going down the drain is over,” Gibbons point blank told the educrat crowd. “Don’t just talk about what you’re against.”

Wow. Being from South Carolina it’s odd hearing politicians talk about school choice and sound more like William Wallace from Braveheart or Maximus from Gladiator (or anybody who cares, for that matter) than a bunch of sniveling little thin-skinned twits who are afraid of their own shadows.

Memo to Bobby Harrell and Glenn McConnell – those are called “political testacles.” Grow them. Use them.

Because while you guys are playing footsie with our School Boards Association and the rest of the educrat establishment, the 200,000-plus children who are trapped in failing schools in South Carolina are waiting for somebody to show that kind of fortitude on their behalf.


Back when he was running for governor of Massachusetts five years ago, Commonwealth Magazine asked pre-Flipper Mitt Romney what he thought could be done to “spark (a) renewal of civic participation in Massachusetts.”

His answer?

“I’m a big believer in the two-party system. I’m not saying that entirely out of self-interest and bias. I just came back from living in a state (Utah) that was overwhelmingly Republican. And a single-party system generates problems, in my view. In that state, the more extreme wing of the dominant party begins to have more and more political sway, and that de-energizes the great mainstream of citizens. They get turned off by politics and offended by the politicians and become less engaged in the political process.”

No sh*t, Mitt.

They say you shouldn’t stare into a mirror for too long if you’re taking LSD. They also say you shouldn’t stare into a mirror for too long if your name is Mitt Romney.

Crazy stuff happens, people.


So the music snobs over at Rolling Stone think The Shins new album Wincing the Night Away (2007, Sub Pop Records) is “labored” and basically not as good as 2003’s landmark Chutes Too Narrow, but we are music snobs too (although without all the obscure references, inaccessible diction and chronic negativity) and we flat rebuke that assessment.

We own all three albums from The Shins, and Wincing the Night Away is as good as James Mercer and Co. get.

Phantom Limb” for example, is one of the finest songs we have ever heard. And we thought that before we found out it was inspired by two lesbians in a slasher movie.

Now it is our favorite song ever.

Seriously, though, listen to the chorus of this breezy, effortlessly constructed indie pop masterpiece. If you’re not smiling with waving your arms in the air there’s something wrong with you – or you could be a music critic for Rolling Stone.



1. Neil - January 28, 2007

I like the implication that Rolling Stone is made up of music snobs. Who’s on the cover this month? Oh, right. It’s those underground poster boys of idiosyncratic math rock Panic! At the Disco.

2. fitsnews - January 28, 2007

All we can think of when we hear that band’s name is “Hang the DJ!” from The Smiths’ song “Panic.” How many times does Morrissey say that in that song?

Yeah, thirty-two times.

Cause we’re not music snobs or anything.

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