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George Clooney: I Never Dated Pam Anderson January 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

Pam Anderson


FITSNews – January 28, 2007 – If you believe US Magazine (and we believe every word, people), George Clooney just set a new land speed record for denying a relationship.

Seriously, we haven’t seen a relationship denial this quick since Sic Willie’s reps tried to float the rumor that he and Reese Witherspoon were spotted together at Sermet’s on King Street in Charleston last week. Wait a minute … is it still a rumor if it’s true?

George, we know you didn’t go there, sugar britches. Guys like you don’t follow Kid Rock, we get that. But next time, take at least a day before you deny it and be sure to line up some timely counter-rumor of your own.

It’s our patented two-step process for anytime people start trying to mooch off our fame. Here, let us help you out.

Step one. Find a timely celebrity gossip rumor, like the one about Katie Holmes wearing body-slimming underwear that was on The Superficial the other day.

Step two. Put 2+2 together. Which in this case involves flying to Paris (where Katie Holmes is right now) and tipping off the paparrazzi that you will be going to a trendy lingerie store and buying some body-slimming underwear that just happens to be in Katie Holmes’ exact size (well, the size Tom Cruise wants her to be anyway).

That way it’s like “Yeah, I was gonna deny this yesterday but I was busy being spotted buying body-slimming underwear in Katie Holmes’ exact size in Paris.”


Pam goes back to being the “Silicone That Time Forgot” and you are once again “The Man” … plus Tom Cruise gets all pissed off.

Now if we can just come up with an excuse for why a trendy lingerie store in Paris is carrying body-slimming underwear we’re good to go.



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