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What’s Hizzoner Gonna Do? January 27, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Rudy Ground Zero


FITSNews – January 27, 2007 – Is Rudy Giuliani going to run for president? The New York Times has an extensive front-page article this morning begging that question.

Hizzoner, who polls indicate would be the frontrunner should he enter the race, still isn’t saying.

So what do South Carolina politicos think?

“Absolutely, he’s in,” said a source close to Giuliani’s S.C. organization.

“Giuliani is absolutely not running,” said a source close to Sen. John McCain’s S.C. organization.

Guess that clears that up.



1. Henry - January 27, 2007

The Times didn’t “beg” the question. To “beg the question” is to assume the point for which you’re arguing in your argument — it’s the fallacy of circular reasoning. The Times *raised* the question.

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