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Liz Phair Says “RomneyCare” Wrong Approach To Health Care January 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Liz Phair


FITSNews – January 24, 2007 – How cool is this? One of our favorite female alternative rockers is weighing in against an Orwellian boondoggle from one of our least favorite politicians, Flip Romney.

Liz Phair says … wait a second … okay, our bad, it looks like this article was actually written by Liz Mair, not Liz Phair. Sorry.

But then again, it makes sense that an Arlington, Virginia-based political consultant might know more about the pitfalls of government mandated health care coverage than a rock-n-roll star.

Phair’s … damn, we did it again … sorry, Mair‘s article does a good job of pointing out the fundamental problems with government run health care – it costs too much, it doesn’t work, it restricts individuals from being able to purchase better coverage if they want it, it forces an unnecessary financial burden on small businesses trying to comply with new federal mandates (you don’t think the government gives money without strings attached, do you?) and oh yeah, it totally replaces American free market principles with Soviet-style dictates.

Says Mair:

This is the big problem with RomneyCare. It represents an interventionist, big government approach toward what is a highly personal matter, and does virtually nothing to reform burdensome insurance regulation that is responsible for the problem of underinsurance.

Amen, sister.

Oh, and in case you missed clicking on that “Orwellian boondoggle” link up above, here’s what the AP reported just two days ago about the cost of Romney’s plan:

The average price for the new plans could cost about $380 a month, almost twice what former Gov. Mitt Romney had predicted before signing the law last year.

Nice. Because that’s exactly the kind of stellar accounting we’re looking for out of our next president.



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