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This Dick Isn’t Switching January 23, 2007

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Dick Elliot


FITSNews – January 23, 2007 – After letting practically half the Democratic Senate Caucus join the Republican Party without so much as making them pinkie swear to Republicanism, or any other -ism for that matter, it looks like the lightbulb may have finally gone off for the GOP.

FITSNews has learned that Democratic Sen. Dick Elliot, who was looking to follow in the party-switching footsteps of “Republicrat” Senators like Luke Rankin, Hugh Leatherman, Billy O’Dell and others, may not get his chance.

Sources tell FITSNews that Elliot approached the GOP leadership with his intention to switch parties, but was rebuffed after issuing a list of demands.

Specifically, Elliot wanted to retain his seniority (meaning he would essentially leapfrog other Republicans for coveted committee assignments) and also sought guarantees that a) he would not be challenged in a GOP primary and b) he would receive the financial backing of the GOP caucus in his next election.

Elliot pulled out a narrow victory over Republican Katherine Jenerette in 2004 and is rumored to be facing challenges from both Jenerette and Rep. Tracy Edge in 2008.

His district, not surprisingly, is trending Republican.

In the event Elliot does not run, longtime Democratic lobbyist Richard Davis has expressed interest in running for the seat.



1. Richard Davis - January 24, 2007

Democratic lobbyist? I am not sure what that means? For the record, I am a republi-crat lobbyist. In my business, I need all the votes I can get and have been careful for the past 20 years not to align myself with either party. I did work for a Democratic Congressman (a quiet guy, not well known) but since then, absoulutely no party alignment.

Hope you’re doing well!


2. fitsnews - January 24, 2007

Wow! Straight from the horse’s mouth. That is how we like it here at FITSNews.

Thank you, Richard. And we are doing well and hope you are, too.

By the way, we’ve got this toothache that is just killing us. Aren’t you in good with the dentists?

Normally we wouldn’t ask but yeah, that whole “insurance” thing may be a bit of an issue.

3. Anon - January 25, 2007

Kinda soft on Richard aren’t you Will?

You know which “quiet” Congressman Davis worked for…and you’re rolling over on this “republic-crat” bullcrap label of self identification? Spare me!

Sounds like a love/admiration fest. And when I contrast it with people like Ryeberg, I have to wonder if you have not an ax to grind, but an ax to share.

What’s up with the hard core politikal insider I thought I knew?

Been suckin up too many frozen conconctions since you quit smokin’. Try some Red Bull.

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