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Hillary Didn’t Kill Public Financing January 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Hillary Red


FITSNews – January 23, 2007 – There were some downright spooky quotes in the New York Times this morning from a guy on the Federal Election Commission. Basically, he said that Presidential candidates who don’t raise $100 million by the end of this year can pretty much Fugghettaboutit.

How much does being President pay, anyway?

Anyway, during the last election candidates running for President raised $880 million, and both George W. Bush and John Kerry accepted public financing for the general election. That eliminated their private fundraising efforts, but sparked a $400 million avalanche in issues advocacy funding.

This cycle, Hillary Clinton has thrown down the gauntlet by saying she will refuse public financing for both the primary and general elections. Translation? She knows she can raise a mountain of money and doesn’t need public financing to do it.

So too can John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, presumably.

For candidates like these with lots of name ID and big dollar fundraising potential, public financing limits their competitive edge.

But what about the second-tier candidates?

Yeah, barring a miracle they can pretty much fugghettaboutit.

Hillary’s decision isn’t what killed public financing, people. The idea that government can control free speech is what killed public financing.



1. ill Bill - January 25, 2007

I can see how McCain and Giuliani would be able to raise a bunch of cash. Hell, with his background in the business world, I can see how Romney might be able to pull it off.

But what about Obama? This strikes me as his Achilles heel. Whose gonna invest in this pretty boy? Hillary is the presumptive favorite and when it comes to the type of people who are looking for a return on their contribution, they can’t afford not to support her.

When you add that to the fact that the Dems have all but locked this up–thanks to the clustersuck in I-raq–you have to figure that the serious money folks on the Democrat side are going for the old Clinton-McAuliff-Carville mafia.

It’s going to be like the 90s again. I await the second coming of Kurt Cobain, rawk.

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