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Courtney Love Is Having Dating Problems? January 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

Courtney Love


FITSNews – January 23, 2007 – Rock musician Courtney Love apparently can’t get an online date.

Uh, really? Last time we checked, all you had to do to get an online date was be able to type. Oh, and lie a little bit.

Like when we tell boys that we are 5′ 3 1/4″ when we are actually 5′ 3 1/4″ in three-inch heels. Shhh! Don’t tell! We actually have an online date at Liberty tomorrow night with this really great sounding guy who says he used to work for the governor, owns his own company and runs a popular website! Sounds like a catch! We totally can’t wait to … wait a minute … oh no … oh good Lord … you know, now that we think of it we need to wash our hair tomorrow night.

Anyway, at first we thought the reason for Courtney Love’s online dating problems may have been that she didn’t tell prospective suitors she was Courtney Love. Then we realized that probably would have been a wash. Especially with fun stories like this one floating around.

Poor Courtney, though.

Wait, we know … come to South Carolina, Court! After all, Sic Willie will date you. He’s kind of like the Mikey kid in those 1970’s cereal commercials. Except women would be the cereal. And instead of being finicky, he’s really not at all picky. Or cute. Or four years old.

In fact, he’s actually nothing like that Mikey kid. Our bad.

But every spoonful of Life Cereal is packed with nine essential vitamins and minerals.



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