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Hillary’s In January 20, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Hillary 2


FITSNews – January 20, 2007 – United States Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for President, announcing the news today via a video message on her official website.

We watched the video, people, and as much as sexy Republican starlets like Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham have convinced us Hill is bad news, we were actually pretty impressed.

First of all, it wasn’t like watching a political announcement at all. It was like watching Oprah. Or The View. Seriously, by the time the clip was over we were ready to jump through the computer screen and give her a big hug. And share a laugh and a tear with her (along with our ideas). Oh, and give her some money.

And we hate Hillary. Or at least we think we do. We know we’re supposed to, anyway.

“Let’s talk, let’s chat, let’s start a dialogue of your ideas and mine,” Clinton says in her message. “Because the conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don’tcha think?”

And yes, she said actually “don’tcha,” not “don’t you.” Which we thought was really cool.

Clinton’s announcement came on the same day that Chris Cillizza reported some great news for her in a new nationwide poll conducted January 16-19 by ABC and the Washington Post.

According to the poll, Clinton is supported by 41% of Democrats compared to 17% for Barack Obama, 12% for John Edwards and 10% for Al Gore.

On the Republican side, Rudy Giuliani leads with 34% while John McCain is polling at 26% and Mitt Romney is polling at 9%.

Oh, and if you are new to FITSNews, just click on any of those candidates names to see how we roll.

Cuz we do it proper, yo.

UPDATE – Wow. If you believe this link, while Hillary was kicking it Oprah-style on the sofa, some of her supporters were basically trying to take Barack Obama’s testacles off. Talk about old school. Ouch.



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