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Snowball Fight! December 11, 2007

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bobby snowball


FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – The same cinematic geniuses who brought you the drag-dancing Budget & Control Board and “Sanford Slaughter” videos are back – this time with a holiday-themed snowball fight between South Carolina’s top politicians.

You can CLICK HERE to watch the video, just try not to laugh too hard when House Speaker Bobby Harrell takes a snowball directly in the gonads.

Of course, what’s sad is that this video probably represents the most civil interaction South Carolina’s legislative and executive branches of government have had with each other over the last six years …

The Island Packet Gets It December 11, 2007

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FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – While it may not be as flashy as the 155-foot superyacht “Themis,” there’s just something about getting a good deal on a late 90’s model Island Packet that pleases our founding editor Sic Willie‘s already cheerful nature. Particularly when the 32-foot boat includes teak and holly floor and a brand spankin’ new mainsail. Anyway, as excited as the FITS gals are about Sic’s new MILF magnet sailboat, the Island Packet that’s giving us the most satisfaction today is actually a Lowcountry newspaper.

In a strongly-worded editorial published this morning, the Packet not only slammed the S.C. Supreme Court for its recent bar exam shenanigans, but popped the S.C. General Assembly as well for basically trying to control everything it touches …

If lawmakers move to set up independent oversight of the state Supreme Court, the justices have only themselves to blame. Their (mis)handling of the July bar exam results highlights how little recourse there is to challenge decisions by the state’s high court. South Carolina law doesn’t allow independent investigations of complaints against the court. House Speaker Bobby Harrell says it might be time to change that.

Small comfort that — more involvement in our court system by state lawmakers. Lawmakers already dominate the screening process for judicial candidates and then elect our judges from among the finalists, including Supreme Court justices. Vote trading among lawmakers is a long-time complaint. But if they could come up with a truly independent mechanism, then we would all be better served. We’re just not very optimistic because the legislature has a predilection to controlling everything.

Frankly we’re not very fecund optimistic, either, because let’s be honest here – there are cesspools and fecund swamps with more purity than our state’s fecund judicial and fecund legislative branches of government. It’s also pretty fecund obvious to us that putting the fecund legislature in charge of investigating the fecund judicial branch is a serious fecund mistake. It’s basically letting one bunch of fecund slimebags investigate another bunch of fecund slimebags. And that ain’t fecund right, people.

Just Build Your Fence And Shut Up Already December 11, 2007

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border fence


FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – If South Carolinians think the pandering of the 2008 Republican presidential candidates on the immigration issue has been intense, they ain’t seen nada yet.

That’s because once the presidential circus leaves the Palmetto State in January, our local kneejerkers are planning to pump up the volume on the issue in a big way. Responding to polls that show illegal immigration as a hot topic among local voters, it should come as no surprise that South Carolina politicians are poised to make this their signature issue as a means of shoring up their abysmal conservative credentials in an election year.

Whatever … South Carolina has about as much chance of solving the immigration problem as it does of reversing global warming. Which is to say zero. In fact, asking South Carolina to solve anything is a lot like giving a Rubik’s Cube to a dyslexic baboon, or expecting your pet hamster to single-handedly stabilize a shaky national economy. (more…)

Egg-Tooth Opposes A Spending Request? WTF? December 11, 2007

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eggtooth emerges


FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – We couldn’t believe it either, but South Carolina’s free-spending Ways & Means Chairman Dan “Egg-tooth” Cooper has actually found something he doesn’t want to spend your money on. And of course, it totally figures that it’s something worthwhile that would actually help economic development in our state – specifically, land conservation.

Sure, we made fun of the whacko environmentalists last week for their God-awful video appeal to fringe liberal tree huggers, but they’re dead right when it comes to the need to spend more money to protect one of South Carolina’s most important competitive assets – its unique natural beauty.

As for Chairman Cooper finally meeting a funding request he didn’t like, well, all we can say is there’s a first time for everything. We’re sure he’ll be back to his old self (i.e. approving millions of taxpayer dollars for totally useless sh*t) any day now …

UPDATE – Speaking of things that are totally useless, check out this recap of the S.C. General Assembly’s priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Hooray legislators!

Come To Butthead December 11, 2007

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real obama girl


FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – In what has obviously turned out to be the worst editorial decision in FITSNews‘ brief history (our one year anniversary is this Sunday, people), Sic Willie and the FITS gals foolishly declined an invitation to join our mainstream media colleagues for Sunday’s Oprahbamarama at Columbia’s Williams-Brice Stadium.

Our flawed logic for passing on this event-a-palooza was two-fold. First of all, the memories of South Carolina’s ridiculously sh*tty football season still linger far too intensely within our crestfallen breasteses to even contemplate revisiting the epicenter of our woe. Second of all we’re pretty sure Oprah has six toes … or at least a really big bunyon. Which is frightening.

Anyway, in spite of all that, Sic in particular is kicking himself for missing the event because it turns out his future wife (pictured above) was in attendance, working on Yo-bama‘s campaign staff. And even though our favorite bad boy has no idea what her name is at the moment, it might as well be Mrs. Sic Willie – especially once she experiences his rugged good looks, sparkling wit, selfless humility and legendary emotional availability firsthand.

In fact, rumor has it that when mystery girl’s picture first arrived in the FITSNews mailbox, the clouds above Columbia parted, God granted his blessing on the union by releasing a single white dove from heaven and Paul Bates emerged from Sic Willie’s kitchen to sing “She’s Your Queen To Be.”

UPDATE – Sic has officially decreed that we are to cover every Obama event from here on out and praise whatever comes out of his mouth effusively, if not immodestly. He has also asked his fellow South Carolinians to refrain from letting Miss Mystery know about his considerable wealth and power for the moment, preferring that she fall in love with him as a humble goat herder first.

There Is Hope For Us All December 11, 2007

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lohan goofball


FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – We’re gonna go out a limb and guess that the bug-eyed dude in the picture above is either a demonic sorcerer, multigazillionaire or incredibly reliable porn star. In fact, he’s probably all three of those things. Because short of that (or some advancement in cardboard cut-out technology that we’re not aware of), there’s really no way to explain this picture, unless of course he’s got a winning personality, in which case it would make perfect sense.

Seriously, if this guy scored with Lindsay Lohan, we should all stop for a moment, think about what we’re doing with our lives and aim a little bit higher. Because the sky is obviously the limit, people. In fact, we can see clearly now the rain is gone. We can see all obstacles in our way. Gone are the dark clouds that had us blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sun-shiny day.

So go for that promotion, run that extra mile, tell that special someone how you really feel. Nothing is stopping you today, Tiger.

Scientists Can Turn Fruit Flies Queer December 10, 2007

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gay fruit flies


FITSNews – December 10, 2007 – As much as we wish we were making this story up, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago really did announce today that they’ve figured out a way to isolate the sexuality gene in fruit flies and turn it either “on” or “off” using drugs. Oh, and if that didn’t make you horny as hell, we included a photo of two male fruit flies getting it on (presumably while listening to some Marvin Gaye) to complete the mood. You can thank us later, people.

Anyway, between this homo fruit fly experiment and the U.S. Air Force’s flirtation with the “Gay Love Bomb,” we’re starting to wonder what the hell is going on beneath those white lab coats that scientists wear all the time. Seriously, why aren’t these morons isolating the gene that makes all of us look like Angelina Jolie or Clive Owen? Or the gene that makes blended venti mocha frappucinos take a little off of our hips? Or for that matter getting rid of the gene that makes people bad drivers, Patriots fans, pedderasses or psycho-killers (qu’est-ce que c’est)?

God only knows how many millions of dollars worth of federal grants were devoted to getting a bunch of male fruit flies to ditch the chicks and start pounding each other’s rectums like a scene from Deliverance, but if it was one red cent it was one red cent too much. Scientists seriously need to stop dicking around and do something productive, or at the very least heterosexual, with their time and our hard-earned tax dollars.

Carol Of The Bells = Worst Christmas Song EVER December 10, 2007

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carol of the bells


FITSNews – December 10, 2007 – We love us some Christmas here at FITSNews. Almost as much as we love Kwaanza, as a matter of fact.

Something about singing all the happy songs takes us back to a simpler time – a time when we were innocent little girls rushing happily downstairs to open our new Barbie convertibles and Glamour Princess makeup kits. A time when boys thought we were yucky and Sic Willie was still picking his nose and eating it … wait, never mind. That still happens.

Anyway, we love practically every Christmas song in the book – even most of the ones about bells, like “Jingle Bells” or “Silver Bells.” Of course there is one atonal nightmare (featured in the wrist-slitting Garmin.com ads) that consistently steals our holiday joy and turns our “very merries” into “bah humbugs,” if not suicidal tendencies. (more…)

Tom Brady Has A Potty Mouth December 10, 2007

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tom brady potty


FITSNews – December 10, 2007 – It must be nice to cuss like a sailor on the football field and then show up like the “Fonz” in a black leather jacket for the post-game press conference, acting all sheepish and cute, talking about how you don’t want mommy to know you use bad words. But that’s exactly the kind of #$%ing $%# that mother#%&er Tom Brady pull. In fact, he did pull it yesterday in declining to discuss exactly what he said to Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive back Anthony Smith, who royally pissed off Sir Studliness by guaranteeing that the Steelers would beat the 13-0 Patriots.

From this morning’s Boston Herald:

“I don’t care to repeat it, especially if my mother reads it,” said Brady in response to a question about his exact words to Smith. “She wouldn’t be very happy with what I said.”

Awwww … that’s so #%&ing cute, Tom. Of course Brady’s doe-eyed “who, me?” routine was far classier than that of his head coach Bill Beli”cheat,” who further rubbed Smith’s nose in it after the Patriots 34-13 win by saying that “we’ve played against a lot better safeties than him.”

Sure this Smith guy deserves it for being an idiot, but the Patsies would’ve done themselves a favor by simply allowing their total domination of the Steelers on Sunday to speak for itself.

More Trouble For Fairfield County Superintendent December 10, 2007

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fairfield tower


FITSNews – December 10, 2007 – It’s been nearly two months since we were first introduced to the rock ’em sock ’em world of Fairfield County politics … and if things stay this interesting, we may not cover anything else.

It all started back in early October, when an anonymous source contacted FITSNews with a “hot tip” about an alleged scandal involving the local school board chairwoman, Annie McDaniel. Knowing our proclivity for exposing educrat waste, we were urged by this source to investigate claims that Ms. McDaniel had taken an unauthorized trip on the taxpayers’ dime back in August of this year – to a sorority party in New Orleans, of all things.

Well, as we do with all tips, we did investigate – but it didn’t take long before an entirely different story emerged. Not only did Ms. McDaniel’s “sorority party” actually turn out to be a legitimate education seminar, but her trip was authorized in advance by some of the same people who then turned around and accused her of “abusing the public trust.” On top of that, we learned that the Chairwoman’s chief detractor, Fairfield Superintendent Samantha Ingram, had a rather large axe to grind given that Ms. McDaniel was evidently pushing her to improve on the 786 average SAT score the district produces with the $50.6 million (or $13,777 per student) we pour into its schools each year.

Anyway, if that abysmal performance wasn’t enough, now Superintendent Ingram has another reason to be on the defensive. That’s because according to last Thursday’s edition of the Mobile (AL) Press-Register, one of Ingram’s top Fairfield County lieutenants faces an investigation by the Alabama Attorney General after that state’s Ethics Commission unanimously forwarded a complaint alleging that she illegally solicited money from vendors with business before Ingram’s former school district.. From the Press-Register story(more…)